Hassan Hachem, Equatorial Guinea

Hassan Hachem is a brand creation and strategy agency. Hassan Hachem helps at key stages of a company so that your brands, corporate or product, are real business levers: creation, product launch, international access, strategic repositioning, merger/acquisition, generational renewal.

By opportunity, Hassan Hachem has created a branch based in Malabo to service customers from Equatorial Guinea as well as West African Countries.

Hassam Hachem presents the dedicated methodology he design for this brand new Hassan Hachem Equatorial Guinea branch.

HHEG 2021: an offerf adapted to y Equatorial Guinea Challenges

The methodology they have designed and validated enables them to define their Equatorial Guinea customers action plan and the associated budgets to meet their challenges, whether they are a start-up, an established company or a public service. The goal being to provide them with the most efficient service.

Creating a brand is an important change for a company. To help theirs customers during this sensitive time, Hassan Hachem team has designed a creative approach throug our two day design thinking workshops and accompany its customers in the deployment of the branding. They will feed the customers with what they and their network of partners have seen troughout the globe to seize any interesting trend and innovate. This is Hassan Hachem main difference.

For intrapreneurs, early-stage startups and Equatorial Guinea companies, Hassan Hachem have established a dedicated have designed the "Master Brand Camp by Hassan Hachem", a 4 day of collaborative workshops to create your brand, build your Brand Road Map and launch his customer brand like a rocket.

First challenge: standing out from the information overload

Situation: Business creation

TheYour challenge is to stand out from the information overloard to get the attention of the first customers, investors, suppliers and partners.

This is the time to create a strong, sustainable brand

Brand: name the project, carry clear messages, express the mission and lay out the foundations of the brand domain.

  • Benchmark
  • Branding Workshops
  • Strategic and creative ideas
  • Digital platform
  • Name ideation
  • Logo creation
  • Graphic declination
  • Start communication Pack : website, business cards,  roll'up

Second challenge: scaling and defending your territory

Acceleration: Industrialization, product launch, internationalization

Industrialization, product launch, going beyond Equatorial Guinea... for Hassan Hachem, it is a question of scaling up, giving guarantees of sustainability and trust. This is the time to reconsider the brand elements in order to gain access to larger and/or more numerous players (competitors, customers, partners).

  • Brand audit
  • Branding co design Workshops
  • Brand Strategy
  • Native digital brand platform
  • Name ideation
  • Logo creation,
  • Graphic declination
  • Elements of brand culture
  • Support for the implementation of the new brand identity

Your challenge: adapt, uturn, survival

Retargeting: Merger/Acquisition, generational and competitive renewal, IPOs

Between internal growth through innovation, external growth through acquisitions, and stock market introduction, your company is expanding beyond the borders of Equatorial Guinea traditionnal business, into new territories at the risk of straying from its fundamentals and losing the unique vocation it embodied in its early days.

Hassan Hachem Equatorial Guinea office supports innovative SMBs and TMEs in their brand repositioning, launch of new ranges and products, redefinition of brand territories and generational renewal.

All missions that Hassan Hachem Equatorial Guinea take on with their customer to align their brands and their business strategy.

  • Brand 360 analysis
  • Perception research
  • Design thinking Workshops
  • Rebranding strategy
  • Brand reactive dynamic
  • Native digital branding platform
  • Name ideation
  • Logo design
  • Brand relaunching

Fourth challenge: creating a competitive advantage to the company project leaders.

Incubator, school, university

Creating a rich ecosystem to promote meetings and multiply opportunities for Hassan Hachem Equatorial Guinea customers project leaders  is one of their missions to which they contribute with enthusiasm.

Sharing and support are in Hassan Hachem's DNA.

  • As such, do not hesitate to ask us to evangelize on the brand, share best practices and give some keys to your innovators ...
  • Animations and collaborative branding workshops from 1h to 1h30
  • Brand BootCamp by Hassan Hachem
  • Hassan Hachem Mentoring