• Elon Musk, Serial Entrepreneur


    Elon Musk, Serial Entrepreneur
    Every day a little more, the Serial Entrepreneur Elon Musk is venturing further and further into space. Already at the forefront of renewable energies and hybrid and electric cars, he continues to amaze when it comes to the conquest of space.


  • Most influential stars


    Most influential stars
    At the beginning of 2021, let's interest our most influential stars on the net, and more precisely on Instagram! Fans on social networks are counted today by millions, but who has the most fans at the beginning of 2021?


  • Bernard Arnault, 2nd richest man


    Bernard Arnault, 2nd richest man
    On Thursday, January 26, the French luxury group reached an all-time record with a turnover of more than 42.6 billion euros.


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